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Sudden influx of birds to our home!!!


Strolling the yard
Any update? I noticed that not all of the birds made it to your signature so got me curious!
Yes I’d forgotten to update it’s been a crazy busy couple of weeks with everything going on with the 8 birds. 2 days after these birds came home with us, the old mulga and his cage mate the blue mutation (red rump) parakeet went back to previous owner. The mulga was acting depressed and nervous and didn’t seem to be eating anything so she and I thought it best for her to deal with that since everything was new here, and we had already decided we did not intend to keep them all, that 8 new birds at once was just too much to give adequate time and attention to in top of everything else. So if mulga went back I felt that his cage mate ought to stay with him. I found a great bird experienced home that was thrilled to be able to take all three of the other rosy Bourkes and we kept the pair of rosy Bourkes that we originally went up to see about and we also kept the Java rice sparrow. So we kept 3 of the birds as permanent additions to our flock and they are settling in really well. :)


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Glad it all worked out!