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Some Outdoor Dangers for Birds


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Newmarket, Ontario
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Stacy Madl
This is such a great post. I am totally new to bird owning but my mom has owned Amazons for most of her life so I learned a lot from her and this site is helping me out so much. I would never ever bring out either of my birds outside without a harness or little cage. I plan on getting my conure used to a harness soon and getting my zon used to being caged because I doubt I could get a harness on him. I want them to enjoy the outdoors but not at the risk of losing them. That risk is too big IMO. I don't even know if I could do it even if they were fully recal trained to perfection. There are just so many variables and we can't predict them all. I am also over paranoid, it sucks somtimes but I know in the end it could prevent something horrible that I could never forgive myself for. thank you for posting these warnings and stories so new bird owners like me can learn and not make the same mistakes.