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  1. Randi K

    Urgent Sinus Infection Advice

    Hello all, I have a new lovebird who came to us with a sinus infection and would love some thoughts (sort of checking myself). We got this baby on Saturday July 22nd. He’s approximately two months old and was still getting formula supplemented twice a day but I was told he also eats on his own...
  2. S

    Urgent Cockatiel Sinus? Post Nasal drip??

    For the past year, my cockatiel has been exhibiting these weird wet exhale / hiccup episodes. Lasting a few minutes. Always resolve on their own. please see video here:Cockatiel sinus?? And here:cockatiel sinus I have taken him to numerous avian vets. One said it’s most likely post nasal...
  3. G

    Urgent Sinus infection+swollen eye NO VET NEARBY

    I have a 6 months old cockatiel, her name is apricot and she is my life and my everything Not long ago I noticed that her eyes were kinda swollen and were really teary?and her nostrils were red and flared up and has so dry discharge in it I have been away bc I'm a medicine student and I was...
  4. R

    Urgent Cockatiel - Very mild swelling between Nostril and Eye, towards the Eye side

    Hello, I need help here, I wish to prevent anything from developing from this new very small swelling near the eye. Maybe swelling is a word too strong. It's very subtle. She's a cockatiel of almost 2.7 years of age by now. I fear it's an infection and I wanna know how I can prevent it from...
  5. birdlovekk

    Urgent Baytril+Doxycycline+Meloxicam together okay? ACV for yeast infection?

    Hi all! I've been reading posts, but this is my first time posting. I'm really desperate for advice. One of my birds nearly died the day before yesterday, and the other one has been quite sick for three weeks. I hope someone has experience with these medications. ----- Short version: I...