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Plane cargo travel with a Cockatiel


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Hi all!

I am currently residing in Japan with my cockatiel, Popcorn, but due to some unfortunate life circumstances I must move to the Philippines in January. Of course, I'd love to bring him along with me, but the thing is that I'm extremely nervous about transporting him.

I've checked every single airline that I could take, and none of the main airlines I could find that go to the Philippines (Philippine Airlines, ANA, Japan Airlines) allow pets in the cabin. The only one that does, Asiana, only has flights in May, and because this move is urgent it's not possible.

My only options for Popcorn are cargo or check-in baggage. It will be a 4-5 hour flight from Tokyo to Manila.

I've been very stressed out and nervous about the thought of not being able to keep an eye on Popcorn at all times. I have some questions regarding transporting him:

1. Do any of you have any experience transporting cockatiels (or birds in general) via cargo? How was it?
2. Will Popcorn be okay? I am worried about him being killed mid-flight (due to conditions on the plane or the weather) or him being mistreated by airlines staff. I keep seeing articles of cargo travel horror stories, but I don't know if those are just rare occurrences or not.
3. Since it's winter, I suspect it's going to get extremely cold while we are still in Japan; other than the usual food and water, will packing a small heating pad inside his carrying case be of any help?
4. I don't quite understand the difference between transporting pets via check-in baggage and cargo; which of those are, in your opinion, more preferable?
5. I am aware of the loads of paperwork and vet checks ahead of me, and I have heard of hiring pet travel companies to handle all of those and to help in the transport of my bird. Compared to independently handling all of the work myself, what are your opinions on having a travel company to help?

I'll likely ask more questions as we prepare to move, but these are all for now. I'm very worried for Popcorn, and I want to ensure he'll be kept safe as he moves from one country to another. :sad11: Let me know if this is the wrong forum to post in as well!


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I haven’t transported birds via plane but here in Aus no animal (registered sight/medical assistance dogs are allowed in cabin-we don’t have esa rights here) travels in the cabin. I have traveled with dogs cats and ferrets via plane. I believe the animals have a section in the cargo area that is slightly better than the baggage conditions for temps and pressure but not as comfy as the cabin- I’ve never heard of there being a problem.

Edit: I once had a tiel called Popcorn :heart: