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  1. Mason and Kiwi

    Certificates of Health??

    Hello everyone! It seems I'm moving from Florida to Washington a lot sooner! So I am flying by plane with my Green Cheek Conure in the cabin with me. However, I need a certificate of health. Specifically, Certificate of Vetrinary Inspection. I already have an appointment set up with the Vet as...
  2. P

    Plane cargo travel with a Cockatiel

    Hi all! I am currently residing in Japan with my cockatiel, Popcorn, but due to some unfortunate life circumstances I must move to the Philippines in January. Of course, I'd love to bring him along with me, but the thing is that I'm extremely nervous about transporting him. I've checked every...
  3. julietta

    Flying with by Fids (and terrified)

    Hello everyone! After deciding to rescue two IRN's, I made the commitment of becoming their lifelong guardians. I am now moving from Oman (in the Middle East) back to my home country of Canada. It is not an option for me to give them to another family. I am doing everything I can to prepare...
  4. R

    Tips on a late night flight?

    I am flying and bring Ro my GCC with me. She deals with situations and new environments well as long as I am around, but my flight to the location is from 6:00pm at night till 12 am. I was wondering if people had any tips for me to help her rest and travel in as much comfort that late as...
  5. Taylor Zaugg

    Parrots first plane

    My last thread I posted didnt get the responses I want. My mom lives in California and I visit her 3 times a year for a week. My Ekkie is 4 months old. He's good with traveling in cars and comes with me to petsmart. Is it sad if I bring him to California with me? Is it sad to have him go on the...
  6. Taylor Zaugg

    Flying with parrot

    My eclectus was registered as an emotional support animal, and has tags and a flight suit stating he is an ESA. I'm flying to California two times this summer. July 12-17 and august. Anyone here ever flew with there bird? He's be with me in my seat. I have a bird traveling backpack.
  7. SamanthaAV

    Travel by Plane: Tips?

    In less than 2 weeks my husband and I will be traveling with our parrotlet Xyla. We looked into airlines and made sure to find one that allows her to travel in the cabin with us but it's still 10 hours and 4 planes to our destination. I was wondering if any of you have flown with your birds...