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New to breeding and need some friendly advice!


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Hello! I have 9 baby budgies 3 of which are 3 months old today :) the other six were just born last month ( oldest is almost 4 weeks ) Anyway I am new the breeding aspect of this. I definitely did not know what I was getting myself in for LOL but I'm very happy I did! Do any of you know where a good place to post the babies online would be ? I love them very much and want them to go to good homes. I appreciate any help ! Thank you!

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Breeding is not favored here on the forum. There are so many homeless birds in rescue, especially budgies and cockatiels, that it is considered irresponsible bird management. However, I understand your delight in the babies and went through a breeding phase myself during the 1990s. My cockatiels produced a total of 27 birds and I kept all but four of them; like you because I wanted to make sure they got excellent homes. I even had the people taking my babies sign a return pledge if they could not keep them.

As far as placing your babies, you need to either make or find away of advertising them if you are doing it on line. I see many on Facebook. But I have no other suggestions. I allow my birds to live in pairs, to mate and lay eggs normally and have a nest box, but I cull the fertile eggs and do not allow the parents to produce live chicks; if I can help it. Last year one of my hens hid two eggs and hatched them, so I have two fledglings from last year. This year I have one. However, my hens produced 18 eggs this year, ten of which were fertile. The mated pairs are happy and healthy and I get to watch the flock do what comes normally and naturally for them.