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My Budgie's trust


Checking out the neighborhood
Hey, I'm Rachel and I've had around four budgerigars, whom I'm in the midst of taming.

My concern at the moment is of whether they trust me after this incident. Yesterday, after hand training them, I decided to give them a relatively huge foraging toy. They were fluttering about when I put it in and by the time I was done, it was clear that they were very scared. However, the next day, they started to tear it apart.

That's a good sign, right? Here's the thing.. as I was replacing their food and water, they were still a little bit skittish and were cautious of my hand. My training for the birds is just me holding the millet, moving it closer one of the birds, and encouraging it to step up, I don't attempt to grab, and if my hand is too close for them, I stop moving, and they always calm down and eventually step up. I have not done that today yet, I will later.

So here's my question: did that toy make them lose trust of me? I'm worried. Thanks for whoever answers this.