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budgie trust

  1. I

    administering medication without traumatizing my parakeet

    help! I have two budgies. One (Spook) pecked at the other (Scully) and wounded her just below her left eye. The vet gave me two antibiotic serums to be administered twice a day for 10 day and a topical ointment to be applied every 8 hours. She is not hand trained yet so you can imagine the...
  2. N

    New Budgie

    Hi everyone, I am a brand new bird owner, and I am trying to figure out what is the best way to bond with my budgie. He is around 4 months old and we have had him for almost 4 weeks. At the pet store, he was frequently hand held and easily came to my husband and me. Within days of being at home...
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    My Budgie's trust

    Hey, I'm Rachel and I've had around four budgerigars, whom I'm in the midst of taming. My concern at the moment is of whether they trust me after this incident. Yesterday, after hand training them, I decided to give them a relatively huge foraging toy. They were fluttering about when I put it...