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My budgies sometimes fight, should I be concerned?


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I have two budgies male and female and they have been living together for about 2 years. They like each other and I see them kiss or preening each other. But sometimes they fight, it is not really violent or for a long period of time. Also when they are outside the cage they hang out mainly on the cage top. The female sometimes makes the male fly away, then he comes back and she makes him fly away again (she is following him till he goes away). I always took it as playing but I worried that maybe there is something wrong here.
edit: I also once in a while see the male not allowing female to go to the food. I have two bowls but he doesn't allow her to go to the other bowl (in both there is equal amount of food), after some time she is able to eat as well and it doesn't happen too often so she is not starving.
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As far as food bowls go have multiple food bowls so they both can eat from them. How many do you put out in the cage? Please take a photo of you cage and post it here so we can better help you out. You might think they are fighting but I doubt it. Exactly what are they doing that you think if a fight? Do you have a play area on cage top? Female budgies are usually the boss of a pair.