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Lovebird having trouble pooping


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Só...my 9 year old lovebird seems to struggle to poop sometimes. I also don’t think she poops as often as a lovebird is supposed to.
For the first time ever, Petey the female lovebird became eggbound earlier this year. She was put on Lupron shots for a couple months to help prevent her from laying anymore eggs. But I suspect that although the Lupron shots prevented her from laying eggs, she ended up becoming...yolk bound? She had a yolk in her abdomen (determined by an X-ray) that she was unable to push out which also made her ill and required another trip to the vet.
Her abdomen no longer looks swollen (not that I can tell...I’ve tried touching it and moving her bum feathers to check and it’s not red). however she does struggle to poop sometimes, they are kind of small and the other day I noticed her butthole “puckering” with some white stuff at the opening...I’m not sure what to do. I’ve placed some crushed eggshell in her food and put vitamin supplements in her water. She’s on a 50/50 pellet/seed diet, but she mostly eats the seeds I think...so I’m not sure what else I can do at this point. I’m really worried about her becoming “yolk bound” again (not sure what the proper term is). Any advice? While I’m at it...would it be wise to put her on a 10% seed and 90% pellet diet? I’m worried she won’t eat well if I do that...I have seen her eat pellets, but it’s definitely not her favourite. She makes a HUGE mess when I put more pellets in her bowl because she’s digging so hard for seeds
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If she's constipated, some fruit can help, just don't overdo it. Avoid avocados, though, and Don't give her many grapes or raisins. You should also get her checked out by the vet again. You really should at least give her some constant vegetables, she'll be healthier and happier! If she won't eat chunks of fruit, try chop, or maybe put a little organic 100% Apple juice in her water. Just a few drops per ounce should be plenty. Make sure there's no added sugar or anything!! Hope I helped! Send the little girl my love!!


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Try using some dried fruit if she is like my two, they won't eat raw veggies or fruit but the dried stuff is good. @jmfleish has a good dried mix.