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Help for taming a parent raised bird


Moving in
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I recently got a parent raised Hahns Macaw (approx 5months old), I’m new to parrot ownership and I’m struggling with a few things and would love some advice.
I’ve gotten him target trained pretty well, and will take treats my hand both in and out of the cage. But if I don’t have a treat or he’s over excited he is prone to trying to bite/biting fingers. Is there anyway to help with this? I realise hands are scary and I more want to know how I could desensitise him to them.
I’m also trying to covert his diet; he’s on all seed. I’m trying him on a half seed half pellet diet which he is taking too, but I’m trying to incorporate veggies and struggling to get him to actually eat them.
Any advice would be greatly appreciated, thank you in advance.