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Hello Bird Lovers!


Moving in
Thank you so much for the welcome, all of you!!! <3

A little update on the birds.

The female who was weak and couldn't fly after it showered because it felt "too heavy" is now very, very active and playing with the male canary.
Took her some good times to have the courage to fly out of the cage by herself, but she did it! And now she flies much better, longer and more controlled and do not "crash" into walls or the windows.
I been giving them LOTS of veggies, all sorts! Also some mineral stone and fishbone which they didn't touched so I made them into tiny small pieces and pour it over their food and veggies.

Female been sitting in nest and adjusting it time to time, also the male too. They been kissing and the female sometimes want food from the male.

Like I said I haven't rushed anything and thankfully it seems like everything is working well!