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GCC is inseparable form female GCC


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I have had my GCC Kiwi (M) for a year and a few months now he is 1 and a half years old. Most playful talkative parrot I’ve seen he is also my first bird. Me and my girlfriend were away for a couple trips and had a close friend and my mom check up on him, 4 budgies, and a cockatiel while we were away.

We had noticed some change in behavior from him first not stepping up and backing away from us but that went away and was replaced by him plucking feathers in his chest, back and leg areas.
We thought he might get along with another GCC so we got him a friend.(not that he didn’t get along with out other birds he did just fine)

This GCC Mango (F) was not hand trained and took awhile for them to get used to us. At first it was fine Kiwi seemed to stop plucking and was more engaged with us. But now they are inseparable and it has even lead to Kiwi not talking with us anymore besides at night when he’s going to bed. He will step up and play with us fine but as soon as he noticed Mango isn’t by his side he goes into panic mode.

Im posting this to see if anyone had experienced something similar and maybe if anyone has any advice to get out make GCC to be fine without his gf all the time.

Attached are photos of Kiwi and Mango and a before photo before Kiwi started plucking. IMG_4476.jpeg IMG_4449.jpeg IMG_3817.jpeg IMG_3830.jpeg IMG_3810.jpeg


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I have had several bonded birds. When they are bonded, it's natural/instincts to stick pretty close to their other half.

Not an issue here, I just do everything with both together. I have them step up together, sit with me together, train together. Sometimes they are fine with one sitting on me the other next to me on a perch . Sometimes one will hang with me . But most time bonded birds only have a certain distance of separation that is comfortable for them .

If you still want one on one time , it might be that shortly after you put them up in the evening you can just get out your buddy..but see how he responds to that ..

Congratulations on helping recover from feather destruction! Having a buddy is obviously more positive , than any hiccythis causes