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Finding Budgie Breeders in Chicago Area


Checking out the neighborhood
I am searching for a trusted, reputable hand-tamed budgie breeder in the Chicago area.

We currently have a single male budgie that we purchased last March. He was about 8 months old when we got him from a local pet store (that has since gone out of business) and he has been slow to tame and bond with us. He loves singing and dancing to music, but doesn’t play with toys on his own and we worry that he will get bored and lonely when my husband and I eventually stop working from home full-time.

Ideally, we’d like to find breeders that post or are willing to share plenty of photos/videos of the babies in order for us to pick out another male budgie ahead of time. With the pandemic, we want to limit exposure and trips as much as possible. We also don’t own a car, so don’t have the luxury of browsing multiple pet stores until we find the perfect little guy. (We do have access to rental cars so when the time comes, we don’t have any issues with traveling around or outside of Chicago).

Thanks in advance!