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Female bullying male

Katie H

Moving in
Hi all,

One of my budgies is bullying the other.

Originally I got a pair, Cheeky and Lou Lou about 3 years ago. They were mates and in a tiny pet shop cage together for years.

A year later I got a hand reared baby male. Now the two boys loved each other, and the female only had time for her mate. Tolerated Baby but wasn't a fan. Now about 7 months ago poor Cheeky passed away.

Baby wants nothing but attention and has tired to get on with her. But she didn't like him. I gave it time and let her grieve. But what level of bullying should require separation?
She chases him, nips at his toes and is generally "bossy ". He has persisted a bit and she will allow him to preen and feed her occasionally.
But they definitely don't seem as happy as the two males in the trio or the original pair.
Is this level ok so long as I'm providing enrichment? I feel separating them might be a bit much and would only leave Lou Lou miserable, she does seem to have always had an unfriendly attitude. But she does sit next to him and seem to want company.

Any thoughts? I'm very reluctant to separate, and don't want to rush into adding another bird that could cause more friction.



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Sydney NSW Australia
When my wife starting bullying me, I had to wear padding to protect myself... Oh.. sorry wrong topic! :rolleyes:

There are lots of AA members here that can help you and should chime in soon! As far as I am aware... budgies love company and thrive on it! But if fighting should be kept separated! Its always a mixed bag with fids! One of the reasons why they are akin to some human traits! :)