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aviator harness

  1. pubbykid

    Dahlia update !

    ive had my baby for about 7 months now and its almost her first birthday !! her training is going fantastic, she has such a high training drive ! she is fully harness trained, and steps up almost every time i ask her to. Shes so confident and whenever i take her out on walks or to stores she...
  2. Seulregi

    Socialising baby conures

    Hey guys! Please let me know if this is the wrong place to post this (cross posted here and behaviour byway as I’m not sure which is the best place to post for this question) so I’m currently hand rearing a green cheek conure (it’s sibling will be pulled from the nest next week) and I’m...
  3. conureluv

    How to put on Aviator Harness?

    I watched the CD and that went too fast for me. I also read the instructions but they’re hard without pictures, I like to visualise. Can anyone help out? Make sure if you do send pictures, your hands aren’t in the way...it’s a pet peeve of mine.
  4. tropicdragon

    GCC Harness Training, Impossible to put wings through...

    So this is my first post here. I have exhausted any ideas I have or anything I could research online so I decided it would probably be best to ask others! I have been training my one year old, greencheek conure, Gordi, to wear an aviator harness for almost 3 months now. At this point, my green...
  5. Caerus the gcc

    Aviator harness?

    This is an odd question, but what size aviator does your Senegal parrot use? I just out my deposit for my Senegal, and want to make sure I have the right size when he comes home. I have petite and the smallest size currently, but would petite fit a senegal?