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Crippled Budgie Help


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I'm new to owning budgies, I used to be a fish breeder but birds are new to me.
I have two budgies and one of them cant use his right leg. When we got his wings clipped, the person doing it broke his leg. It's healed now and he isn't in pain, but he cant use it anymore.
I've put all his toys on the bottom layer of the cage along with the food and water. He's gotten the hang of climbing and the other budgie keeps him company down there. I'm not sure what else to do so I came here for help. I love him dearly and don't want to give him up. What else can I do for him?


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Has the budgie been seen by a vet for his injured leg?

If not, I would recommend looking for an avian vet in your area. If you can't find one, look for a veterinarian who knows how to treat birds. He will be able to assess the disabled leg and determine if it can still be fixed. With luck, it might not be too late to save the leg.


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I had a budgie with only one leg, and another whose broken leg was splinted but healed a little crookedly so he had limited dexterity for life.
For their cage I focused on ease of access for everything- multiple dishes for food and water, placed on big platforms instead of perch access so they could eat without having to find a grip too. Lots of ladders, ropes, etc forming “highways” from the floor of the cage to all the resources, so that if someone fell they could easily climb back up.
I kept them flighted, so falls were very rare- generally they could flutter a bit and regain their balance.
I think the platforms were the biggest thing, though. I added them after seeing my one-legged girl lay down flat on a shelf in my bedroom every chance she got- not trying to nest, I think her little foot just got tired.
Another important thing was providing duplicates- I made sure to have many food and water stations so it would be really hard for another bird to bully my special ones off their dinners. Same with a really desirable perch or toy- if it turned out someone was being possessive over it, I’d get multiples.