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hurt leg

  1. W

    Crippled Budgie Help

    I'm new to owning budgies, I used to be a fish breeder but birds are new to me. I have two budgies and one of them cant use his right leg. When we got his wings clipped, the person doing it broke his leg. It's healed now and he isn't in pain, but he cant use it anymore. I've put all his toys on...
  2. mybluebirb

    Urgent Hurt foot !!

    My parrot hurt her foot! :sad4: I don’t know how it happened she was just sitting on the TV and I noticed she was moving around a lot as if she was losing balance so I looked at her and saw she kept touching her foot. When I checked, her right foot was really red as if it was about to bleed (it...
  3. M


    One of my budgies hit the ceiling fan and now he can’t use one of his legs. I went to turn it off but i couldn’t turn it off in time. Unfortunately, the nearest vet is more than 2 hours away. What should I do???? I put him in a small travel cage with food and water and a towel to lay on. He is...