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Cockatiel love triangle (please help)


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I recently purchased two baby cockatiels, both hand reared, gender unknown but from their behaviour so far I think they may both be male. I decided to get two at the same time because I travel a couple times a year for work and wanted them to bond to each other so they have each other while I am away.

One (Archie) is a week older then the other (Ivy), and while they started off getting along well, and looked like they were starting to bond, Archie also started getting snappy with Ivy from time to time, which has led Ivy to decide to bond to me instead.

It appears Archie isn't happy about it, and it looks like, while he can still snappy with Ivy, he is determined to bond with Ivy. Ivy is uninterested and just wants to hang with me. This has led to Archie refusing to allow me to handle him (the only time he sits on my hand is when millet is involved).

I am a first time bird mum and after doing a lot a research, thought I was doing the right thing by the birds by getting two together but have appeared to have ended up in a love triangle.

I'm just wondering if anyone had any advice about how to get us all to get along.


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also I don’t know if you could see it but I ignored you by accident! Very sorry! I think I have undo-Ed it now