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Charlie & Emma


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Hey all, need some opinions. C&E have been in a nesty mood for the last month or so. Its probably been a good year since I took their nest away from their last nesting season. Usually they are content without a nest, at least Emma is. She ignores Charlie's advances and life goes on like normal. Well recently nature is starting to take over again and Emma is giving in to Charlie and they are trying to settle wherever they can. I am considering just letting them sit on a clutch of fake eggs to get it out of their system for awhile. Yes of course, normally its not advised to let them nest period and I have been preventing it for a good year or so now, but I feel its inevitable soon, and if its going to happen, I would rather them nest in a controlled environment that I can manage instead of on the floor using food scraps and other ill advised building material. What opinions do you guys have? I'm cleaning cages at the moment and considering putting in their hanging coconut and some nesting material. Thanks!


@finchly ?