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Avian Avenue Community Guidelines & Etiquette

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Take the neighborhood pledge and do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

Please note that the ONLY off-site page we are associated with is the official Avian Avenue Facebook page. Any other groups are absolutely not a part of this forum. All rules and guidelines below pertain to both this site and our Facebook page.

Please respect one another. At times discussions can evolve into "debates" and we simply ask that everyone respect others' opinions and beliefs. We are here first for the birds, their safety and well-being.

Please do not criticize other members for their style of writing such as misspellings, grammar, lack of punctuation, etc. There can be a legitimate reason for a person's writing style. Please PM a Mod, SMod, or Admin and we will contact the member if there is a need. Please remember that we expect all members to be civil to one another. If personal insults are posted this could result in your account being moderated or banned.

Please respect others' privacy.

No flaming, trolling or spam. Outright bashing of a person, product or service is not permitted. It is certainly okay to ask for feedback on products, breeders, vendors, etc - we just ask that anything posted be from your own experiences (not just word of mouth from a story you heard). Its a good idea to watch what you say on forums as you are responsible for what you post; if you dont feel comfortable posting information in public you can always take it to Private Message. Its good to be able to share experiences - its how we learn and make better decisions in the future. Trolling or spamming will result in an immediate ban.

Harassment: Harassment of other members will not be tolerated in any form (forums, PM system or email). Please report any problems to any Moderator, Super Moderator or Administrator.
What happens off the forums is beyond our control, however, any member(s) that participate in harassing/stalking/bullying another AA member on or off the forum will have their membership here reviewed. This may result in temporary or permanent moderation or banning. If your actions affect the forum, it will affect your membership.

Questions Regarding Forum Moderation: If there are questions you have regarding why decisions were made, please use the Private Message system and ask any administrator, super moderator or moderator for an explanation. Decisions are based on several factors and we are more than willing to explain and help you understand the reasons. We reserve the right to close any account for any reason with or without notification.
Messages regarding forum moderation will not be left on the main board. Forum leaders can be found here: Avian Avenue - Staff listing

Minors: Members under the age of 18 may not reveal their age or location, email or phone number. Keep this information to only your first name and state, no more than that. No members under 13 without parental consent.

Privacy: You will be permitted to post your email address on the forums but we discourage it (it could and probably will be picked up by spammers). Phone numbers are allowed if it is your own but this would be best kept to the Private Messaging system or email. Please remember this is a public forum and anyone can see what information you post. Protect yourself. Please do not post email addresses or personal information about someone other than yourself (unless it is a business such as a veterinarian or is public knowledge).

Advertising: We do not endorse or sponsor any store or business. Please use a "buyer beware" approach and do your research before hand. We have a Marketplace where we have paid advertisers. If you have a store or business, please contact the Admin for details on how to become part of the Vendors Club. Regular members in good standing may post sales to other bird stores and we encourage members to invite these stores to join and participate on Avian Avenue. We reserve the right to refuse a listing to any store for any reason. While we do not endorse any one store, we feel the vendors represented here are a cut above the rest as they participate and help their fellow bird lovers.

Fundraisers/Donations: No fundraiser or donation requests will be permitted on the board without prior approval. Most requests WILL BE DECLINED.

Please DO NOT mention fundraiser activity on the board AT ALL without prior consent. This means if you have a fundraiser going off-site, you may NOT mention it on Avian Avenue.

Fundraisers will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis and will likely not be approved. If a fundraiser is approved, members should still realize that this approval is a matter of consensus based on the available information, thus non-definitive, and they should therefore still exercise their own good judgement. Approval will be based on several factors and will be subject to VERIFICATION.
Any member desiring to announce a fundraiser of any kind on the board must first notify a Mod, SMod or Admin.

The member submitting the request is required to provide the following information:
- reason for fundraiser
- vet name, address and phone number and/or rescue group contact information (must be a licensed rescue or non-profit organization)
- contact info for all parties involved
- Is the person receiving donations aware of fundraising activities and in agreement with it?

If the request is approved you will then be instructed to post it on the board and the thread will then be closed. All conversation is to be conducted strictly off the board. When the fundraiser is complete please notify a Moderator, Super Moderator or Administrator if you would like us to add a notice onto the closed thread directing members to check the off board info site for an update. No mention of money amounts will be allowed on the thread.

If members see an unauthorized donation or fundraising request on a thread, we ask that they please report the post to make the admins aware of it.

We advise caution and prudence whenever getting involved in a fundraiser of any sort. Avian Avenue will not be involved with any problems that may arise and any threads or posts in this regard will be deleted.

Signatures: Signatures may include links to your personal websites as content of your site is "family friendly" and appropriate for minors. Links to websites with items offered for sale are not allowed unless you are a paid advertiser in The Marketplace. Please keep images no larger than 600 pixels on the long side and no taller than 250 pixels on the tall side. SMALLER IS BETTER!! Please see our signature forum for more information.

Other forums: The internet is a big world and there are many other forums available. We have NO objection to friends sharing this information with each other, or members being members of any and all boards they choose. All are welcome here regardless of other places they may roost. We only ask that you be a participating member and do not use the forum for "recruiting." This means please do not PM members to get them to join or advertising it in your signature. Posting links to threads from other forums is okay as long as it is relevant to the topic and not personal in nature. Links will be reviewed as needed on an individual basis. We reserve the right to remove links at our discretion without notice.

Photographs of "unsafe" situations: Everyone is entitled to their own beliefs and opinions on bird care. We are here to educate and help each other do the best we can do for the birds' best interest. This may bring up discussions on topics such as birds & other pets. Over the years we have seen many of these situations become losses. As Avian Avenue is a close community of people we take those losses as our own. To educate and bring awareness of these potentially deadly opportunities we ask that you do not post photos of your birds in dangerous situations.

Classifieds & other "rescue" sites: Links to these will be permitted, but please refrain from posting them just to serve as another classifieds site. We want to help birds find homes but the scope of our forum is not for a classifieds section.
Please note that we do not allow posting of or about ads (or videos) from other sites that show birds (or other animals) in bad situations. The purpose of this site is not to judge others. Posting of or about ads or videos from other sites to criticize others will not be permitted, even if they do not include the sale/rehome of a bird; this also includes posting of ads for the purpose of criticizing the spelling/grammar of others. We do not like to judge others based off of one snip of time (a picture or short video, etc) and do not want them to find their way here based on a situation like that. If you have a concern about an ad/video/etc it is best you talk directly with the person that posted it. We reserve the right to edit/remove/move any thread/post for any reason.

Rehome Ads: Craigslist Ads and other Rehome Ads can be posted to the Rehome Highway forum only if you are the person rehoming or know the person rehoming the bird. Special considerations can be made for certain urgent ads but you must have staff approval before posting them. When commenting on rehome ads please do so without personal laments/criticism about the content of the ad (ex: why the bird is up for rehome, the condition of the cage or what's in it, poor/negative condition of the bird and any mistakes found in the ad, angry/sarcastic emoticons, etc). Making subtle references in a round-about way is still breaking the rule and is not allowed. If your ad post appears elsewhere on the board, it will be reviewed and, if approved, moved to Rehome Highway.

Politics, Ethnicity and Religion: Please no debates on these topics. We respect diversity and understand that everyone has their own beliefs and ideals. No antagonistic ethnic, political or religious jokes or criticizing any ethnic, political or religious group by name is allowed.

Drugs and other illegal substances:
Please refrain from posting about illegal substances, even if legal in some areas. Pictures or references even in a subtle fashion are not allowed.

Animal Rights/non-pet ownership topics:
Will be reviewed on a case by case basis. We are a pet owning community however and the forums are not to be used to promote non-pet ownership campaigns.

Copyright: Posters are responsible for what they post. Please be familiar with this. U.S. Copyright Office Please do not copy/paste large articles from other sites. Small snippets with reference links are generally okay.
We reserve the right to edit/move/delete threads, posts and accounts for any reason with or without notification.

Any questions, please contact an administrator for further explanation. Thanks neighbors!

Please check back for future updates. :cool:
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