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Avian Avenue Advertising Packages & Vendor Account Upgrades

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Once you have decided to join our vendor club we have made it very easy to upgrade your membership.

We have updated our system with a user friendly automated way of starting and maintaining your membership package. Simply click on your user name to open the dropbox and select account upgrades.

vendor memberships2.jpg

When submitting a new membership please contact us as we have a questionnaire for you to fill out so you can be listed under our vendor profiles.

You will receive a notice 7 days prior to your package expiring. At that time you can extend your Membership to keep it current. To do so there will be a link in the notice. If you wait until the package expires you will automatically be downgraded back into the regular member group. If that happens you can Subscribe again by Clicking on your name and the drop down box will appear. Select Upgrade Account and it will take you to the page with all of the packages to select.
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