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  1. Chase Hein


    I recently purchased some ZuPreem pellets for my loveys and it is one of the only kind of pellets that they will actually eat. Is this a recommended brand for full time basic meals?
  2. J

    HELP! I need to switch my cockatiel to another pellet.

    My cockatiel's about a year old. She just laid 3 eggs, I believe she will lay more. (She has no mate, there is no dark places for her to be stimulated) I have seen her mating with a toy, and i thought it was just her hormones (She usually does that when she has her hormones). But when it was a...
  3. J

    Is Zupreem safe?

    I recently read that zupreem is hot pressed and they add vitamins that are lost during the heating process. The added vitamins can Apparently cause some illness in my tiel, (something that is related to too much vitamins in her body). I feed my bird zupreem natural, and use zupreem fruit...
  4. cricketiel

    Pellet Question

    Hello all! I have recently begun converting my new cockatiel, Cricket, from seeds to pellets. I have found that he really likes the Zupreem Natural pellets, but the medium size (which is designed for cockatiels) is a little too big for him to eat comfortably and seems to be discouraging him...
  5. flockof.4


    Hi. I posted here a while ago about which pellets people recommended and I finally found a pellet that they eat! And they eat it willingly which they didn’t before! They like the Zupreem fruit blend. My question is, should they be eating the natural pellets over the fruit blend? Should they be...
  6. F

    Pellet Opinions?

    What brands do you feed your conures? I have been feeding my green cheek Zupreem (dye-free) pellets, but I’ve noticed that when he eats these his droppings have a sour smell, and his feathers seem to develop black spots (not entirely sure it’s due to the food or something else though). Either...
  7. pelmenyi

    Conure food?

    I recently got a GCC and I was wondering if Zupreem fruitblend pellets were alright to give her or is there a better alternative. She was raised on those specific pellets. I provide her with daily fruits and vegetables but I'm unsure about the pellets themselves. Please let me know if theres...
  8. pelmenyi

    Food for the conure

    So being a new bird owner and such, I've come to understand that I don't know a lot about the proper food. I feed my GCC Zupreem fruit blend flavored pellets and I just wanted to get some advice if this is a good brand and if there are better options out there. Thanks! I do feed her fruits and...
  9. C

    With all the food drama what do you choose

    With the different companies responses to the Birds and Beak rescue deaths and the fb thread with a common line of Zupreem Fruit Blend (which I feed) in the other mentioned bird deaths it has me looking into other food sources then just Zupreem for my pellets. I’m talking only pellets here. I...