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weird feather

  1. B

    Urgent Are these feathers normal?

    My cockatiel started loosing its flight feathers one by one.. I thought hes molting period started… but i noticed that all of the fallen feathers have blood cloths at the end of the tip. My other cockatiel’s fallen feathers never had any blood cloths on the tip.. Is this healthy? I noticed that...
  2. Y

    Cockatiel feather problem? deformity?

    I've had my tiel for about 2 years, he was around 2 when I got him. Recently some of his feathers have been deformed, about 3-4 since very early march. Its not always the same feather/from the same place and some of the feathers he loses are normal. To my knowledge he has never been clipped, I'm...
  3. Shack

    Growing the wrong type of feather?

    My 'tiel is currently going through her (or at least I think it's a her) first molt. Recently I've noticed that on her wings she's growing 1 feather that is longer and thinner than the ones that are right next to it, almost looking like a primary flight feather. She has one of those on each wing...
  4. J

    just molt or something wrong??

    hey, i don’t know if this is the correct place to post this but my bird’s feathers have been looking bad/weird lately. i’m pretty sure she’s in molt right now but i don’t know if this is just part of that or if somethings wrong??? she’s my first pet bird and i’ve only had her a few months so i’m...
  5. Kiwi & Co.

    Pictures Double Feather?

    Today I was replacing the paper on Kiwi and Blizzards' cage, and I found this odd feather. Its one of Blizzard's feathers and I'm wondering why it looks the way it does.