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two birds

  1. Turkey2017

    Big Enough Cage for 2 Caiques?

    Hello! So I'm in a super exciting position where I'm building a house and I'm going to make a bird room especially for my babies. I have 7 parrots total, but this thread relates to my pair of wbcs. I'm thinking about building them a habitat rather than just using a traditional cage. I want it...
  2. T

    Introducing a new bird to a quaker parrot

    Hello! I currently have a one-year old quaker parrot (and no other pets) whom I love dearly. His name is Tico :) I was thinking about getting a Golden Conure at some point in the future (maybe in the next year or two), but I was wondering if anyone has experience introducing a golden conure (or...
  3. Lothetiel

    A second tiel?

    I currently have one cockatiel. He will be 1 in January. I got him at the beginning of quarantine and as we are nearing a possible end of shutdown I am starting to get worried about if my cockatiel will be lonely. Right now we are home a lot so he gets hours and hours and hours of attention...
  4. niamhk

    conures feeding each other

    i finally have taken my other green cheek out of quarantine! i introduced them yesterday and today he’s fallen in love with my other green cheek Emi! they are trying to feed each other already and i’m not sure what i should be doing about that. they like to groom each other a lot too. they seem...
  5. veronica2000

    New best friend

    I got a new pineapple gcc (Pebbles, 2 months old) 5 days ago, and her and my hybrid pyrrhura (Dino, 5 months old) totally hit it off. They are inseparable and always want to be with each other. Following each other around and climbing on top of each other. I’m really glad that they are friends...
  6. veronica2000

    Another Conure?

    Hey, so my boyfriend and I have had a pyrrhura conure, Dino, for about 2 and a half weeks (maybe white eared, honestly not sure, you can see my other thread on that). He is 4 months old and he is very very sweet, doesn’t bite, cuddles, plays, is learning target training and a few other things...
  7. M

    Companion birds. How to make sure they will love me

    Hello, everyone! I'm not a bird owner (yet), but, after a lot of research, I feel like I'm getting somewhere. Quick info about me: I live alone in an apartment, which is unoccupied from 7:30 am to 5:00 pm. That being said, I've decided (advised by some of you guys), to get two birds instead...
  8. M

    Getting to birds at once - how to socialize with them?

    Hi guys! As I always say: I'm new here! I'm in the process of getting a bird! (currently I've been researching non stop about what species would better suit me and my lifestyle). - I've never owned a bird before, but I've been around some of them... - I live alone in a two bedroom apartment...
  9. babyblue35

    Pictures Should I get a brother for my Blue and Gold??

    Let me start by saying that I absolutely ADORE my baby Blu :xflove: (or course). My issue right now is that he is so needy of me that I can't even walk by his tree or perch or cage without him screaming if I don't let him step up on me. He barely plays with his toys because all he wants is me...
  10. mochiballs

    Time management.

    I'm having problems spending equal amounts of my time between Mochi and Maccha. I'm still in the routine of spending all of my time with Mochi, and unfortunately I feel like I'm ignoring Maccha . I would love for the three of us to be able to spend time together but sadly they both don't quite...