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  1. BabyBirdMa

    Sudden Aggression In Parakeet.

    So as you all know my Parakeet: Heisinbird was diagnosed with Cancer. He was given only a week to live but has miraculously survived several, months later and is thriving. The vets said the tumor was still present but growing more slowly than they expected. I am grateful for every day I still...
  2. S

    Urgent Cyst?

    My 45 yr old Amazon was biting his shoulder for almost 1 years and a small scab like developed l. We took him the vet and he said he didn't see any growth. Then it got large so we took him to a new vet. She said it looked like a tumor. After that it grew large within days. We sent her pictures...
  3. P

    Growth Inside Parrot Beak

    My 21 year old Triton Cockatoo has developed a yellow growth in her beak near her tongue. She was taken to two avian vets to be evaluated and put on antibiotics. Two weeks later the growth persisted in her mouth and the vet suggested bloodwork and a biopsy. The bloodwork came back mostly normal...
  4. P

    Urgent Tumor or Egg bind?

    Hello, I have my little budgie girl for about 7 years, I got her since very early age, so she would be around 7 years old. She is well bonded with me over the long years, but I let her be free in the house, so she has always open cage. She was growing old and sad recently, so I got her a...
  5. FinchORI

    When to put down rat (sad update #4)

    Hey guys. As I already posted, my elderly heart rat (Cookie) has a tumor. It gets bigger every day and her walking has turned into a wobble. Do any of you guys have experience with telling when it’s time to put down a pet? I really wish that she would just go in her sleep peacefully but I have a...
  6. Windsilver

    Budgie Has a Tumor - Euthanasia

    Hello Friends - I rescued my budgie about a year ago; I think she is 7 or 8 years old now. She pants very hard and droops her wings. Aside from that she still gets around okay and eats; although she does sleep a lot. She has been diagnosed with a tumor that is causing her to build up fluid in...
  7. Joe Henderson

    Budgie sick

    Hello all i recently found out my budgie probaly has a tumor she has lameness in her leg and it got worse and worse to thr point its dosent move now Im worried because its turning purple and swollen she bit her nails complety off, i have pain meds for her but the ver told me that theres not much...
  8. Itsaduck

    Video What do these movements mean?

    Hello. I adopted a 16 year old Quaker parrot about three weeks ago and immediately noticed she was repeatedly making the movements in the video I attached (head banging, twisting inward with mouth open, beak clicking, swallowing) as well as neck stretching/yawning. This is my first parrot...
  9. ina

    Pictures Swollen foot on cockatiel

    Hello! I have a cockatiel living with us since 17 years ago when she flied into my house. She's been fine in the first 14-5 years until she got cataract on her left eye (actually both eyes but her left eye is worsening faster). We brought her to the vet and have been given medicine (Meloxicam)...
  10. S

    Cockatiel suddenly died - Can't stop blaming myself

    Two days ago my 12 year old cockatiel, Lulu, died in my arms. For a few days she was looking like she was getting ready to lay an egg. Unsurprising, we hadn't been perfect at bed times since we just moved, and the days are getting super warm. We went through with the motions of getting her...
  11. I

    Pictures Tumor in my budgie

    Hello Dear Friends , 7 months ago in my my male budgie a cyst appeared.When I began to noticed it , I directly went to vet . She said unfortunately there is nothing to do with this tumor.But I determined and went to other vet and he tried to take some sample by injector but it was not able to...