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  1. julietta

    Flying with by Fids (and terrified)

    Hello everyone! After deciding to rescue two IRN's, I made the commitment of becoming their lifelong guardians. I am now moving from Oman (in the Middle East) back to my home country of Canada. It is not an option for me to give them to another family. I am doing everything I can to prepare...
  2. D

    Unique housing situation, can’t make a decision!

    Hey everyone! I joined the forum today to get advice as to which bird will be my next.. I had a cockatiel (Chi) until January 29, 2016 that was truly the love of my life. She was the cuddliest cockatiel I have ever known - we did everything together. It was heartbreaking when she passed away...
  3. R

    Tips on a late night flight?

    I am flying and bring Ro my GCC with me. She deals with situations and new environments well as long as I am around, but my flight to the location is from 6:00pm at night till 12 am. I was wondering if people had any tips for me to help her rest and travel in as much comfort that late as...
  4. Whoviana

    Best Travel Cage

    We need a new travel cage for Sunflower. My husband would like one that is a backpack so we can take her for walks. I was wondering what you guys recommend for a green cheek.
  5. Atomiklan

    Crazy question

    Getting ready to go on a kayak trip and since I now constantly have parrots on the brain, I always think about my typical past life, but what that might look like in the future + parrots. Has anyone ever taken their fid kayaking (flat lake type, not white water)? Seems like the potential for a...
  6. cherrytea

    Lovebird Travel Cage

    Hello everyone! Im looking for a new travel cage for Pekoe. We do some light travelling (1 hour drive to visit parents for the weekend) but could be taking longer road trips in the future. We have a "small pets" carrier that was perfect for when Pekoe was a baby, but now its a bit tight on the...
  7. Kima

    Socializing to other humans – is it possible?

    Hi, I need help! I rescued a 13 year old Quaker with a plucking and self-mutilating problem, which I have gotten under control, mostly because I work at home and can be around him most of the time and collar him when I’m out, usually for short periods. He still has issues, and the one that’s...
  8. jdmiller95

    Minimizing Carsickness

    Hi all! I have a bit of a recurring struggle -- I'm in college with my bird, and it's about an hour and forty five minutes' car ride away from home. In past rides, I've noticed him getting carsick; throughout the ride he's usually chirping along and talking with me or the music and seems fine...