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toxic fumes

  1. B

    Electric Heating pad I use for my back

    Hello, I have a bad back and neck and I regularly have to use an electric heating pad. It this safe to use around my cockatiel? I’m always worried about releasing toxic fumes/vapors.
  2. M


    I know that this is usually more of a place for parrots and I have those too but this post mainly involves a chicken. I’m entertaining the idea of making some prosthetics for a rescue hen. She came to us with a damaged beak and more recently ended up with frostbite which has led to the loss of...
  3. conureluv

    nail polish remover?

    I know it is very toxic, so I used it in my bathroom 2 floors below where Percy is. I can still smell it on my hands, so how long should I wait until I go back up to where he is? (yes, it is acetone based.)
  4. P

    Really concerned! Silicone Sealant put on Fireplace

    We had a gasket installed on our fireplace. I didn’t realize until later but they used a “Masters high temperature silicone sealant” to glue the gasket on. Its closed behind a glass right now but the fumes were strong when he was applying it the moment i smelled it I opened all the windows in...
  5. RebeccaZM

    Keeping birdie safe during repairs

    Hello everyone! I have a situation I'm hoping you can advise me on. I need to make a repair to my shower, requiring a waterproofing agent, mortar, and caulking. Unfortunately my bird is in the room right next to the bathroom that needs this work. Even though the products I'm looking at claim to...
  6. RebeccaZM

    Kind of urgent? Resolve stain remover smell/fumes!

    Hello everyone, I'm hoping you can help me with today's blunder. So this morning I tripped as I was bringing a glass of juice upstairs to drink while I got ready, and spilled the juice toward the top of the stairs over about 3-4 steps total. I had to rush out the door to make it to an...
  7. Sweet Louise

    Venting about ventilation

    I have my niece and 2 toddlers temporarily living with me. Niece is pretty good with the bird except about air quality. I’ve flat out tossed essential oil defusers that she thought were ok because they were on the other side of the house. House has garage on one end, Louise in the middle, and...