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throwing up

  1. B

    Urgent Male cockatiel threw up clear vomit. Reason for panic of not?

    Sorry for the long post. I am not really sure how else to call the title, but i think it's good enough. Wednesday evening, i believe it was around 22:15, i took my bird to his sleeping cage. He has a bigger cage in the living room, but sleeps in a smaller cage in my bedroom. I always have to...
  2. redrose27

    Urgent Budgie throwing up

    Today (around 10pm) I gave kony (budgie) her medicine for gout which has caused her to throw up before but this time it was violent. She constantly kept going at it throwing up seed and a very very light pink substance which I think is the medicine but it came out almost white and a bit foamy...
  3. P

    Parakeet clear system/stomach

    Hello, So last week my parakeet started to throw up and I went to the vet. Turns out the Vet told me she had fibers in her system from a coconut toy (The toy was thrown away when I got home) and gave me medicine called Carafate Suspension. I was told give for 3-5 days and I gave it for 4. Now...
  4. redrose27

    Urgent Budgie/Parakeet threw up White foamy substance

    Hi my sister (Budgie/parakeet) Kony threw up earlier around 10:10 pm est, she then threw up a second time soon after about 5 minutes later. She did not throw up any seeds but she did throw up a white foamy substance. I took a few photos of it just incase anyone wants to see they can send me a...
  5. D

    Harrison’s Pellets -

    After 3 days of hand feeding my parakeets some Harrison’s pellets (they’re completely new to pellets but the transition was surprisingly fast) I decided to try putting Harrison’s in the food bowl and take out all seed. My parakeets ate it fine but I saw Snowy afterwards throwing up (or maybe...
  6. thickwig

    Throwing up at nothing?

    My 9-month-old parrotlet, Porkchop, has been with me for 4 months. He sometimes stands on top of his cage, throws up at absolutely nothing, then briefly becomes aggressive and lunges at me if I go near him. I'm not certain if he is vomiting or regurgitating. He's not looking at a toy or at me...
  7. A

    Urgent Vomiting baby pionus

    Hi, I have a baby male pionus who is 6 months old and he just started throwing up today. he threw up 3 times. I feed him zupreem fruit blend and his throw up looks like chipotle sauce. what should I do until I get him to the vet? lol I can't fix the title happened because of auto correct sorry...