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  1. ode.to.parrots

    Pictures Designing the Bird Room of My Dreams - Need Advise and Suggestions!

    Greetings everyone! It has been a long time since I last posted on Avian Avenue, but I have had a lot of exciting things going on in my life - the main one being that my husband and I just bought our dream home! :loveshower: One my must haves when we were house hunting was to have a designated...
  2. T

    Conure baby help!

    Hi there, I’ve found myself ina situation that has resulted in me having to hand rear a baby conure in the next few days. I am unsure of how old the baby is, I’ve been told 6-7 weeks but am unsure. I will attach pictures. currently the baby is being fed by syringe at 8am, 1pm, 7pm and 12am...
  3. M

    Urgent Budgie baby become cold

    Hi, one of my budgie pair have babies. But they stop feeding baby. so, I started hand feeding to that baby since yesterday. Its age is 16-17 days. He became weak. He can't stand on his feet and his body temperature became lower. What Should I do now??? Thanks
  4. M

    so hot here!today in my aviary temperature 34 'C

    hlw previously i post about hot temperature in my bird room.today temperature reach 34 'C in my aviary.i will use stand fan/table fan.can i set it in front my aviary bird cage (distance 5-6 feet) in moving position? just for soft breeze .its safe for my birds because i heard direct wind harm for...
  5. Blue-Wing

    A Problem or Not?

    So my budgies often "poof up" when sitting still. They are not always like this. I read on the Avian Web, Beauty of Birds regarding Budgies this could indicate illness. Also read it means they could be cold. I live in a 5th Wheel with an overhead A/C but I keep the temp above 70, usually in the...