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stainless steel

  1. Summzz

    Are Quick Fill Lixit Bottles Safe?

    Hello Everyone! I'm wondering if anyone has or used this water bottle (Lixit Quick Fill Medium Bird Bottle, 20-Ounce: Amazon.ca: Pet Supplies) and what their thoughts are on it. I'm looking into getting a water bottle to train and use from some new carries I am getting for my birds. The one that...
  2. hrafn

    Is chain link strong enough for a macaw?

    @Macawnutz @aooratrix @Hankmacaw @JLcribber, and anyone else with insight: Do you think that stainless chain link would be strong enough to withstand the mighty beak of Taco? I've been looking at dog runs and chicken coops as possible replacements for his cage, since they're large and sturdy...
  3. greencheekmax

    Anyone has experience with SS cage made by Y.S pets in taiwan?

    They are also called jk pets. I saw this one 24x24B-90 Stainless Steel Bird Cage and it looks wonderful. But I haven't been able to find any more info/review about the company, and I've never heard of the brand. I wonder if anyone here knows about them? Thanks!
  4. Tser

    SS Cage Shopping! (Expandable Habitats?)

    As I mentioned in my welcome post, my Congo African grey needs a new cage. Her current one is in no way unsafe or unusable, I am just very tired of the difficulty cleaning it (it's a SS and aluminum CustomCages.com/Cages by Design Hybrid style). The aluminum tracks are difficult to clean, and...