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sprouted seeds

  1. aurelius

    Confused about sprouting

    Hey everyone, I'm very new to this forum. I've been interested in sprouting seeds for a long time and decided I'm going to try it for the first time for my tiel Pepper. I'm a little confused on what the best way to sprout seeds is because I hear a lot of different methods from a lot of...
  2. P

    quick sprouts question about when they are good to eat

    Hey all, I've given sprouts to my bird before and she loves them, the batch im currently making (lentils, mung beans, and adzuki beans) was a little faster to grow than the others I've made so some of the mung bean sprouts have little leaves, is that still okay to give to her? Like are the...
  3. MPCacatúa

    Sprouting Help!

    Hey guys! I am new to the budgie community and especially new at sprouting. After my seeds have sprouted, I have been feeding them to my babies after rinsing them several times. They seem to like trying the different sprouting mixtures. I am curious, after the sprout become dry, can they still...
  4. anurim

    First try on sprouted seeds :)

    Hello everyone! I have recently tried sprouting seeds for Finn, as I've been wanting to make his diet a little diverse. Now, I do have some questions that may be a little basic, but I just want to be sure. How do you store the seeds? Does it need to be a container with a lid, or not? Also, my...
  5. Petals

    Foods for quakers?

    Aside from vegetables, fruit, & pellets, what should I be feeding my quaker? I've been seeing the cutest ads on this site for sprouting seed packets & bird cakes.. would the variety be good? Could I have examples of the daily diets of your birds? Thanks!
  6. charlieboy

    V for Victory on Veggies! (And a Question on Sprouts)

    Tonight Charlie ate boiled green beans AND sprouts!! What a time to be alive! :dance4: I'm so proud of him :) (Please excuse the music covering my mom scolding me for not finishing my plate yet lol!) By the way, is there any kind of sprouts you shouldn't feed to your bird, and are all the...
  7. Atomiklan

    Sprouted Seed

    So I am having a very difficult time finding seed that will actually sprout... Granted I probably have not been doing a very good job searching as I am picky and trying to find that perfect and easy source. Very first seed I tried was a mixed bag of wild finch seed mix. I figured it probably...
  8. Mico&Limon

    Diet: pellets and/or sprouted seeds ?

    Hi all. I have a question regarding the caique diet. I have been giving Mico a diet consisting of mainly pellets (Nutribird G14) because it was what he was used to from the breeder and they strongly recommended pellets to be the main part of the diet. Then of course I give him fruits and...