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  1. KatieKess

    Urgent Open sore on back?

    Hi everyone! My cockatiel Marvin has had very dry / itchy skin as of recently. I realized that the humidity in our home was very low- about 30%. I bought a hydrometer and am now keeping track of the humidity levels in his room, and I also bought a humidifier which is near his cage. I’ve been...
  2. J

    Urgent Open sore

    My bird has this pretty big sore on the lower left side near it’s tail. What is this? And, any opinions on how this happened? A few years ago she plucked out all the feathers on her belly so she’s been bald which you’ll notice in the picture. She seems fine otherwise. Eating and drinking...
  3. A

    Urgent Bird has a sore next to his eye?

    My baby sun Conure (about 5 months) looks like he has a purple sore on the skin around his eye. So far he’s been acting and eating as normal but I’m fairly certain that a nasty looking sore is NOT NORMAL. What is it, and should I contact my vet?
  4. Dostc426

    Sun Conure Pressure Sore! Need More Advice!

    Hello everyone! I posted a thread about this same topic about a month ago and have been battling pressure sores on my Sun's hock for relatively that long. I have since discovered that his perches, since they have always been varied and all-natural wood branches and now rotated constantly, are...
  5. Dostc426

    Pressure Sore! Need Advice!

    Hello everyone! My sun conure has a small pressure sore on his foot, which I have dealt with once before, at which time I apply coconut oil on his foot until it goes away, and have changed the perches to be rope perches and/or covered them in vet wrap! This time around I can no longer use vet...
  6. Dostc426

    Red Sore on Foot!

    Hello Everyone! I noticed this little red sore on my sun conure's left foot today, with a little swelling. I was reading up on this and I am worried it is a pressure sore? I am wondering how I should proceed on the matter because I don't want it to evolve into something much worse! I have...