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  1. Noah

    Urgent Bird sneezing and spitting up?

    My Cinnamon Green Cheek (about a year old) has been bobbing his head up and down very quickly and spitting up seeds. The seed is always whole, so I assume this is normal? There's no water with the spit up seeds. He also bobs his head like that when he's excited. But, i've noticed sneezing, too...
  2. Miss B

    A note on scritchy-scratchies

    Hi all! I joined today because I often come to this site for advice, and I wanted to share something! Cello is my little guy, he's a peach-face and he's been my partner in crime for a little over a year now. He loves scritchy-scratchies, and when I scratch him I always smooth the feathers...
  3. Nightingale

    Urgent Baby lovebirds vs. wildfire smoke

    It is now 11:55pm here in Cape Town. There have been several wildfires since this morning and even more now. I've tried to keep my home smoke free but it proves to be very difficult (even my asthma is giving me grief right now). My 4 week old baby lovebirds are sneezing and breathing very...
  4. Nightingale

    Baby lovebird sneezing in presence of wildfire smoke in the environment.

    We had several wildfires in our area today; the air is thick with smoke and I have done my best to keep my house smoke free (due to my asthma and bird companions). I have 3 baby peach faced lovebirds, all are 4 weeks old. One is sneezing a bit with watery discharge ... no other symptoms. I know...
  5. Klomonx

    Urgent Not Sure if Sneezing?

    Today I have Dawson out, and he's making sneezing noises, but I don't know if he's actually sneezing or not? He's not doing the head shake when he does the noise. Is this a sneeze? Something worse? Is he just mimicking? (He's a black capped conure) Update: he's playing now and not making the...