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  1. L

    Someone else's fireplace smell, is it harmful?

    Hi! I have two wonderful budgies who are fairly young and healthy. I live an apartment and keep them by the sliding doors since they get lots of light, fresh air, and it has the most noise reduction. It's been beautiful this summer, and i've been very thankful there's been no forest fires where...
  2. Haydenb

    Is smoking Cannabis near birds safe?

    Yes I know it's kind of a stupid and rather humorous question but, is it safe to smoke canibis or delta-8 in the same room as my bird & if so, is there a safest way to smoke canibis near the bird? Obviously I wouldn't blow smoke into my birds face but I want to make sure that it isn't as...
  3. P

    Is there a way to use a wood fireplace safely with birds?

    My 5 cockatiels are not at my new place yet, but home doesn’t feel like home without them with me. They’ve stayed at my parents for 3 years without me really able to see them, and they don’t get much loving attention there our new home has a wood burning fireplace from ‘94 that has a single...
  4. cinnamon

    I’m worried :(

    so i’ve been reading a bunch about things that are bad for cockatiels. my birdie is 5 months old i’ve had him for 3 months. i know teflon is bad for them but we use only teflon, my grandma has also cooked with him on her shoulder once because she forgot and i sometimes bring him in the room...
  5. D

    Is it bad if the oven overheats and releases smoke when water has fallen.

    I'm not sure if this is the right thread although I was cooking and a bit of water fell on to the bottom of the oven. I coninued to cook although the water was heating and it realest a lit of smoke and smell. I was wondering if that smoke would be bad for birds.
  6. Whoviana


    We are shopping for a new house and some of them have fireplaces. Is it safe to have a fire with a bird? The smoke would go up the chimney and the fire would be blocked by the gate. I just wanted to make sure before we started a fire.
  7. Nightingale

    Urgent Baby lovebirds vs. wildfire smoke

    It is now 11:55pm here in Cape Town. There have been several wildfires since this morning and even more now. I've tried to keep my home smoke free but it proves to be very difficult (even my asthma is giving me grief right now). My 4 week old baby lovebirds are sneezing and breathing very...
  8. Nightingale

    Baby lovebird sneezing in presence of wildfire smoke in the environment.

    We had several wildfires in our area today; the air is thick with smoke and I have done my best to keep my house smoke free (due to my asthma and bird companions). I have 3 baby peach faced lovebirds, all are 4 weeks old. One is sneezing a bit with watery discharge ... no other symptoms. I know...