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  1. K

    Cockatiel on Neomycin

    Hello! New member here. We took our 1 yr old cockatiel to the avian vet for a suspected sinus infection as we noticed he’s losing the feathers above his nares. Since our wellness visit was coming up, they got us in for a well check and his wellness exam. Crop swab was negative and they flushed...
  2. Aksarben

    Sleep for the night

    I have read, on some internet links, that it is good for a Budgie/Parakeet to get around 10 to 12 hours of good sleep. I am swapping the lavender blanket I have over our 2 Budgies for the black one on the Zebra Finches. The finches are in the living room and in the evening it is considerably...
  3. charlieboy

    Charlie HATES his new sleeping cage!!

    Welp, not sure where I went wrong, but I definitely did something because he just won't go in his sleeping cage!! He is already used to the cage, he loves going outdoors in it, but when its to sleep or even just while I clean his main cage its a whole other story. I've also tried to get him...
  4. Csolis22

    Strange Lovebird Behavior

    Hi everyone. I hope someone can bring some light. I take my bird to the vet literally every month at this rate for testing because I pick up on every little weird behavior. and for the past few months (she’s a single female lovebird) she’s been exhibiting extreme mating behavior and...
  5. wiji

    Sleeping Pattern

    Hi everyone, I am owning a Meyer's Parrot for about a couple of months now. It actually just flew inside my room and decided to just adopt it because I failed to find the owner several times already. I am new to bird forums in general but I have observed his behavior quite some time now. So...
  6. Sops1306

    Cockatiel sleeping techniques

    Hi how is everyone today? Just wondering if it's normal for a female cockatiel to sleep without her head tucked in, My male is quite a lot older and sleeps with his head tucked behind him where as my female is only about 7 month old and she always sleeps with her head straight forward, Is this...
  7. F

    Chatty when it’s dark?

    Hi guys! Just curious to know if anyone else has a conure (or bird in general) who talks when it’s dark. By dark I mean the lights are off or they’re under a blanket! My green cheek will cluck and chat briefly during the day, when playing and eating, but nothing gets him going like when he’s...
  8. hrafn

    Urgent (Non-urgent) Wake up, Kamara!

    This could be my hypervigilant lunacy at work (again), but I'm starting to get really anxious about how much time Kamara spends sleeping every day. She snoozes soundly through the night without issue, so I wouldn't think that she's trying to make up for lack of sleep, but she doesn't seem...
  9. Atomiklan


    Anyone else let their birds sleep outside their cages? Recently Lada prefers to curl up in her bed for the night sleeping on the night stand near me and Charlie & Emma have recently started snuggling down for the night on top of my tea spoon rack. Lately I have just been leaving them all be. The...