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  1. MxBirbo

    How's my cage setup?

    Can I have some advice on my cage setup for my cockatiel, Aries? When we're home, he's basically out of the cage the whole time unless he's ready to go to bed. (I am going to be getting him a larger cage soon!) Any advice? Praise? Constructive criticism? Thanks birb fam!
  2. hrafn

    Setup help needed for blind and disabled birds

    I'm really going to need some help figuring out the setup for the Fearless Four. Though I have some experience creating setups for birds with disabilities (aka Kamara), I've never had a blind bird before, and I'm at a bit of a loss. What little I've found states that the enclosure should always...
  3. Kestrel

    New cage setup, open to suggestions!

    Hello fellow bird nerds! So I am actually waiting on a replacement part because the top of my Prevue Hendryx cage is not fitting correctly (you can see its wonky in the photos) but I thought I would go ahead and play around with "stuff" placement anyway. I'm still working on getting some...
  4. Zara

    Pictures Adélies house set up

    So for a long time, Adélie was living in an 18x16x18 (the nursery/travel cage) while I observed her to figure out what she can and can't do with her closed foot. I originally was going to wait until weaned before making a purchase because I wasn't even sure on what cage to get. But Adélie is...
  5. Blue-Wing

    Two Birds of a Feather

    Hello everyone. New bird-keeper (n00b as they say) here.) Just bought two budgerigars (budgies) from the pet store here after ordering a L01 Model Large (Small Bird) Cage by Vision (Hagen) on Amazon. Also ordered and set up (before bringing the birds home) toys (popsickle sticks, ring with bell...
  6. Klomonx

    Cage Setup Help for Old/Blind Cockatiel

    So you all know I have Ian, a 16 year old Cockatiel (he'll be 17 in May!). Since I've had him I've tried to help him be more comfortable, but it's very difficult. He has bad cataracts and cannot see well. Adding toys to his cage scares him because he can't SEE what they are, and I dont have any...