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seed mix

  1. Zoepr143

    Pictures ...what are pellets, Anyways?

    so i know pellets are better than seeds but why? And how? I really don’t know much about them. At the moment i use a seedmix and veggies (+millet and sunflowerseeds when they’re being good birds) should i be switching to pellets rather than seeds? And what are the benefits? Yesterday i opened a...
  2. Atomiklan

    Sprouted Seed

    So I am having a very difficult time finding seed that will actually sprout... Granted I probably have not been doing a very good job searching as I am picky and trying to find that perfect and easy source. Very first seed I tried was a mixed bag of wild finch seed mix. I figured it probably...
  3. Atomiklan

    Less messy?

    I feel like I am taking over this sub forum lol. Sorry for posting so much. I have been working from home a lot lately so I can spend lots of time with the new birds in order to bond. As a result, I generate lots of questions as I observe their behavior. Why have they become less messy with...
  4. MangotheBirdy

    Cockatiel Questions

    Hello, I am a new cockatiel owner, and am absolutely head over heels for my little guy, Mango! I'm so excited about our blossoming friendship, but as I am new to it all, I have a few questions for the more seasoned cockatiel owners in Cockatiel Corner :) 1.) How often do you change seed and...
  5. MajesticOcelol

    What seed to get for budgies? (UK)

    I'm getting a budgie, but a lot sooner than I anticipated. I'm aware a lot of brands of mass produced budgie seed are bad for them, but I'm getting it in the next week and live in a remote area and don't have time to order a organic/healthy seed mix. Does anyone live in the UK and know of a good...
  6. taxidermynerd

    DIY Seed Mix?

    Hi all! So I got Chirp to eat pellets, and now I'm looking to get him on a healthier seed mix. All of the ones I can easily get are chock-full of additives, preservatives, dyes and other nasty things I don't want going into Chirp's body. So the obvious answer, at least for me, is to make a mix...