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  1. Codyyjohns

    Getting my Cockatiel To Eat Chop

    Hi everyone, My cockatiel Petey is 7 years old. I’ve decided to change his diet up, as for most of his life he has only agreed to eat Roudybush mixed with some Nutriberries. I’ve decided to add Dr. Harvey’s colossal cockatiel mix for seed and grain intake and also am preparing fresh chop...
  2. S

    Best formulas for budgies

    Typically I do not hand rear my budgies unless I have to for some safety reason, as I am a proponent of avoiding hand feeding species like budgies because they are easily socialized and tamed by simple gentle handling during and after weaning. However, I do have occasions to hand feed if it is...
  3. conureluv

    Shopping spree!

    A long time out of the house and a fist full of money later, he has new toys, new food and new treats! (my list: roudybush x2, nutri berries, bird cabob swing, foraging wheel) Photo context: enjoying a nutriberry
  4. Scarlet&Annie

    Where do you purchase Roudybush?

    I'm about out of food for my girl and need to buy some more. I bought some from Mysafebirdstore before but was considering just buying from the site itself. Anyone have any preferences? Thanks!
  5. C

    Herbal supplements + pellets

    Hi everyone, I recently added Roudybush Daily Maintenance to my GCC's diet. Before the addition, I had been feeding Zupreem Natural, Lafeber's nutri-berries, Twin Beaks Herb Salad, and DMG supplement in her chop. I also have a couple Herbal RX liquid supplements from Avitec that I haven't...
  6. C

    With all the food drama what do you choose

    With the different companies responses to the Birds and Beak rescue deaths and the fb thread with a common line of Zupreem Fruit Blend (which I feed) in the other mentioned bird deaths it has me looking into other food sources then just Zupreem for my pellets. I’m talking only pellets here. I...