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  1. rebe

    Rehomed foamy beak grinding

    I recently got my Alex x from a rehoming, (hatched 2018) and have noticed that when he grinds his beak (and only when he grinds his beak for a while) he gets an occasional foamy bubble while doing so I'm not noticing any other symptoms of illness -his eyes, nose, and bum seem to be all clear...
  2. Rivka

    What’s my sun conure doing

    hey so I recently took my sun conure to the bet bcs she’s been sneezing a lot and they gave me medication to give her and said it’s prob a upper respitory infection. Anyways she’s already off her medication and is supposed to be healed by now. I’m worried bcs she’s still sneezing lots but she’s...
  3. Bur

    Need Help!

    Hi, My blue fronted amazon(Merlin)suffered for a month of extreme illness hospitalized, oxygen, and is now home. Doctors has engaged in a process of elimination (test, procedures, exrays, observations, near death, supportive care), parrot presented with extreme respitory difficulty. Fast...