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rehomed cockatiel

  1. SaffronConure

    Potentially rehoming pair of cockatiels in WV after bird lung diagnosis

    Hi, I have a pair of bonded cockatiels who need a new home lined up asap. My mother has recently had repeated lung infections, and a CT scan has revealed signs of bird lung. I never wanted to be the type of person that rehomes a pet, but it is looking like I won't have a choice. It's absolutely...
  2. K

    New Tiel!

    Hello! So I’m going to be taking in a female tiel soon and from the pictures from the previous owners, the cage looks pretty sparse. She only has one perch that looks a little too big for her and seven or eight toys. I know that isn’t enough by any means. My question is, since she is going to...
  3. P

    Pictures Rehome for cockatiel - live in DE

    Hello, everyone. I am very aware that this is not good news, but I wrote it. And I feel guilty of not taking my own responsibility. Of course, we know that it's a very early choice for us to know each other. However, I think this choice is right, so I hope to receive a lot of love in someone...
  4. KLJ

    Advice for rehomed buddy

    hello everyone! I could really use some help with my cockatiel, Sid's behavior. Background: Sid lived with his owner, myself and two other roommates. We're all very close friends. His owner moved and took him, naturally. The owner joined the military and the other roommates (dating) took him...
  5. L

    taming older cockatiel??

    Hi Everyone, A cockatiel started coming to my feeder about couple months ago. After a couple weeks I put a cage out with millet and he walked right in. N I had no luck finding his owners so I took him to a avian vet. The vet said he was probably a breeder bird or aviary bird because he was so...