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parrot help

  1. S

    Need help!

    I've had my parrotlet for about a month now. He likes being with us, hanging out on our shoulder, our head and on our fingers. He screams a little when we leave the room too (which we try to not encourage by not getting back in till he calms down. I want to start training him, but he doesnt...
  2. B

    Senegal Parrot Hates Our Mum

    My brother has a Senegal Parrot called Kiwi and every time our mum enters the room, she wants to attack her or she'll attack our mum and when we first got her, Kiwi was determined to get to mum to bite her. She doesn't do this with anyone else, only our mum and she is a good bird but she seems...
  3. AlexaC

    Aggressive Meyers parrot

    Hi! I have a Meyers parrot named James who is very aggressive. He is 9 years old but we've had him about 4-5 years. In all this time, he has been very aggressive with us and I don't understand why. I'm the only person he actually let's touch him and hold him but he does try to bite sometimes...
  4. egg

    Sun Conure training

    I'd like to start this thread by saying my sunny is a sweet girl who gets along well with her owner (me) and the other member in the household, and will happily relax with home visitors as long as she is with her owner. I feed her well, she has plenty of toys, and a nice, large cage with room...