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  1. Windsilver

    Budgie Has a Tumor - Euthanasia

    Hello Friends - I rescued my budgie about a year ago; I think she is 7 or 8 years old now. She pants very hard and droops her wings. Aside from that she still gets around okay and eats; although she does sleep a lot. She has been diagnosed with a tumor that is causing her to build up fluid in...
  2. S

    New Budgie Concerns

    Hey everyone. My husband and I just adopted two new budgies as first time bird owners. We did lots of research (I actually read quite a few posts from this website during my research) and felt like we had prepared ourselves the best that we could. We bought both budgies from PetSmart two days...
  3. maounm

    7 weeks old macaw panting

    Hi my 7 week old macaw was heavily panting when he was resting today. Sometimes he is just normal and when he rests he pants. If i play with him and is walking his breath remains normal. Please help. I am sharing a youtube video link https://youtube.com/shorts/xavoUCNB0M8 Playing
  4. birdlady91

    Really Worried...New Baby Green Cheek Panting (video included)

    I recently bought a baby turquoise gcc. he's still living at the parrot store for now but his take home date will be next week. he's been panting a lot every time I've gone to see him and I'm really worried! Is this normal or do you think he could be sick? he's clipped, so this happens when he's...
  5. Nightingale

    Urgent Baby lovebirds vs. wildfire smoke

    It is now 11:55pm here in Cape Town. There have been several wildfires since this morning and even more now. I've tried to keep my home smoke free but it proves to be very difficult (even my asthma is giving me grief right now). My 4 week old baby lovebirds are sneezing and breathing very...