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over preening

  1. Diveks

    African gray refusing to go out of cage

    So i posted about this grey (8 Year old) in my older thread. She? I think? Was a “rescue”. A family member gave her to me because they felt like they don’t have time for her anymore. They said she was very mean but she is a sweetheart so i thought maybe they just forced her to step up ect. Came...
  2. S

    Plucking or Molting?

    Hi all. I have a green cheek conure, almost 9 months old. A few weeks ago, we took him for a bloof test and since then, he has been losing feathers way way too fast. His head is covered with pins. Every day I see a few feathers at the bottom of the cage and I see a few falling when he is with...
  3. Alex Nico

    my conure seems to suck at preening

    Photos included. He didn't want to sit still for the pictures though. Hi! I've had my yellow-sided green cheek conure for over a year now, and he's always had these black spots on his feathers (mostly on his shoulders/wings). At first, I assumed it was an issue in his diet, so I did a lot of...
  4. M


    Im convinced my African Grey is over preening. His feather condition is definitely worse than when I got him two months ago. He absolutely hates anything to do with bathing. He freaks out in the shower, he freaks when he gets misted with anything, he occasionally tries to bathe in his water bowl...
  5. ❤ Rosette ❤

    Overpreening From Boredom

    Hello, everyone. I'm having a problem with my Quaker Parrot and only just now realized that he overpreens his feathers. His belly and back have been reduced to down, he very frequently preens and nibbles his feathers, and I notice him ending up accidentally plucking out feathers and promptly...
  6. BatmansWife

    Paranoid Grey owner

    Hello! We have a 5 month CAG named Gotham . We've only had him for a month and a half. We feel he is adjusting extremely well and is pretty fearless. One of the biggest things I'm worried about is plucking. Whenever he's preening I constantly question if it's too much. Only found one of his...