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new amazon

  1. R

    Hello from a newbie

    Hi, I have just adopted a blue fronted amazon from a rescue. I like to think I know things but just like having babies years apart these memories and moments come and go. I’m happily browsing for now all the interesting notes and conversation, I’m certainly interested in giving him a better...
  2. Roo4422

    Amazon whining like dog?

    Unsure what this means? I have had Lolo one week a yellow nape Amazon around 13-20 years. Since monday when I get home or feed her breakfast she will whine like a dog chirp and I think regurgitate her food? What does this mean? She won't always step up while she is going off and I usually let...
  3. Roo4422

    Help! New amazon

    Hello all, i wouls like to start off by stating that i am very new to parrot ownership and that I am thankful for any input! Lolo is a 13-20 y/o Amazon, I got her given to me 3 days ago from a woman who owns the barn I board my horse at. She was wanting to rehome her due to her not having...
  4. A

    New Red crowned amazon

    Hi, i just adopted a 2 and 1/2 year old green cheek amazon or red crowned amazon named rio. I dont know what the gender is but the previous owner named him rio who he said was a male but no real test, and he sold him to me because he was moving to an appartment. When i got him, he was scared in...
  5. J

    Introducing myself

    Hello all, I am looking forward to meeting the folks here on the forum. My name is Jessi, I am an RN and also train racehorses with my other half. Had "inside" birds previously (parakeets and cockatiels) and have lots of experience with farm animals and "outside" birds (chickens ducks geese). I...