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nesting box

  1. Nonna

    New Budgie Owner Here- Need help with nest

    I adopted a bonded pair of Budgies. I had no intention of breeding or anything like that, however, they came with their cage and all accessories, which included a little nest in the cage. I was not educated on the mating habits or hormonal cycles of Budgies, and Duchess laid 9 eggs starting on...
  2. FeatheredM

    Mating budgies

    I caught my budgies mating today, but more seriously than before. I've seen them do it before, but they weren't really able to do it correctly. The problem is that if they lay eggs I would like them to hatch, and hand raise them. But I would rather avoid eggs being layed. If I want the egg to...
  3. tanuki93

    Hello! Cleaning Nest question ^_^

    Hello guys! My budgies had a little chick, I don't know if I shall clean a bit the nest because it starts to get a little too dirt, The baby is healthy and its 18 days old! I just worry that if I clean up the nest maybe the mum won't want to take care of the baby :/ ?
  4. A

    Keeping nest box warm in winter

    Hello what's the best way to keep a cage and nest box warm during winter. Is a heating pad enough to place under the wooden nest box. I'm expecting cocatiel eggs any day now don't want her babies to get cold when they leave the nest box to eat. With my other bird I used a heating pad but it was...
  5. SweetPea60

    Thank you for letting me register with your Forum.

    I have 4 parakeets and 3 babies. I know typically parakeets don't use anything in their nest box, but I am having an awful time with the babies feces sticking and drying on their feet. I have put some papertowel and some shredded paper in the box to help absorb some. I'm having to soak the...
  6. Shanti_P

    Switching nesting boxes?

    I have had 2 cockatiels, a male and a female, for over 6 years. We got a male first and then when we got a female, she was already pregnant and laid an egg but it dropped to the bottom of the cage. For around 4 years, she has started mating with our male cockatiel but they have never had babies...
  7. BirdWorld

    Slightly odd behavior from chickens

    The chickens have been acting a little odd recently, I haven’t noticed anything different in how they act really, but I’ve been finding eggs recently in various places in the run and once out in the grass where they free range. They have nest boxes that they have been using for almost a year...
  8. Hobocat

    English Budgie Nesting Box Size

    Hi Everyone, I'm new to the group. We became owners of a pair of English budgies less than a week ago. To our knowledge they are approximately a year old. We set them up in a big cage, etc., but they seem to be feeling the amour of spring. LOL. They have a "no mess" feeder which is about...