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mustache parakeet

  1. T

    Looking for a moustache Parakeet breeder

    Hey everyone. I want to add a moustache parakeet to my flock but I’ve had trouble finding a breeder. I live in downstate NY but will gladly travel within several hours to pick up a baby. Thank you all in advance.
  2. PrettyBirdy

    Senior Bird with Arthritis

    Hello! I adopted a 30+ year old Mustache 'keet in mid November of last year, who I adore oh so dearly. I suspected Poncho likely had arthritis, however i'm embarrassed to say that it slipped my mind during my initial vet visit with him, and aside from a basic blood panel, not much was done...
  3. PrettyBirdy

    Poncho's finally coming home!

    Back in march I posted about a mustache parakeet named Poncho, who belonged to my boss, that I was possibly going to adopt from her. After a lot of thinking, talking, adjusting things, everything is decided, and I am bringing him home on the 15th! I am BEYOND excited. He's 30 years old, a...
  4. PrettyBirdy

    Mustache Parakeet People?

    Hello everyone! I might, just maybeee have the opportunity to adopt a mustache parakeet in a few months. His name is Pancho, and he belongs to my boss at the moment. His mate passed away recently and she brought him to work so he wouldn't feel alone. (Although she has a lot of birds at home.)...