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moustache parakeet

  1. Pearly

    Moustache Parakeet - Do you know them?

    Hi all, happy weekend.. A friend has given me a Moustache parakeet (aka red breasted parakeet or java parakeet). I named her melon. It could be a juvenile as my friend had it for barely 3 months and was also given to him by someone. He couldn’t handle the bird as the family found it very noisy...
  2. T

    Looking for a moustache Parakeet breeder

    Hey everyone. I want to add a moustache parakeet to my flock but I’ve had trouble finding a breeder. I live in downstate NY but will gladly travel within several hours to pick up a baby. Thank you all in advance.
  3. niamhk

    moustache vs derbyan

    So i’m thinking of getting one of these 2 birds? they both look quite similar but i want to know a bit more about the differences between the two. is there one more calm than the other? one more playful? id love to hear what you think
  4. Cass

    Moustache parakeet breeder Los Angeles area

    Dear all breeders: My name is Cass and I live in Los Angeles California. I had been looking for a moustache parakeet baby since February but with no luck~ I don’t know any breeder other than a couple of local bird stores. If you know someone who might be able to help, please kindly let me...
  5. Lexie213

    Baby Moustache Parakeet

    Hello everyone, I recently got a 2-3 month old Moustache Parakeet which I was told was pretty "tamed", now when I received him he was scared so I let him settled into his new home, he does take food from humans hands. He is now moving around in the cage and chewing toys, etc. It has been two...
  6. M

    Getting to birds at once - how to socialize with them?

    Hi guys! As I always say: I'm new here! I'm in the process of getting a bird! (currently I've been researching non stop about what species would better suit me and my lifestyle). - I've never owned a bird before, but I've been around some of them... - I live alone in a two bedroom apartment...
  7. Dachshund King

    Getting a new parrot

    Hello, I'm looking to get a new hand reared parrot to tame and train. I have done almost a year of research and my top candidates are a Senegal parrot, moustache parakeet, plum headed parakeet, red bellied parrot, caique, conures (green cheek, matron bellied, catus). If anyone has any experience...