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molting signs

  1. K


    Hey everyone, I was just wondering if this amount of feathers was normal when green cheek conures are going through a molt? I just recently took him (kiwi) to the vet and she had said he is definitely going to be molting, and he is 8 months old now, I just want to make sure that this is a normal...
  2. katm89

    Seasonal plucker, bad molt or low humidity?

    Hi everyone, I have a hybrid Jenday/Nanday conure who for the last 3-4 years has been going through what I assumed was a bad molt. Starts around September/October and goes sometimes through April. Then his new feathers come in and he’s a happy bird through summer. We moved from Louisiana to...
  3. B

    First time bird mom with questions about molt!

    I recently got my first canary, who seems quite happy here. I’ve done a lot of reading and googling, but can’t seem to find answers to two questions I have. I don’t think she is molting now, but want to be ready to provide the care she needs when it comes time. 1) How many feathers will I find...
  4. achgo

    plucking or molting?

    hey everyone! I’m new to owning a parrot, I’ve had my red belly for almost 5 months now. he’s recently been losing his orange feathers a little bit, and I’m not sure if he’s molting or if he’s been plucking? I’m worried that he might be ill but he’s been normal, just taking a few more naps...
  5. E

    Is my conure sick or molting?

    Hello i recently got a green cheek conure almost a month ago, his name is Douglas and he’s almost 4 months old, today and yesterday mostly right now i noticed he’s cleaning himself more and feathers are coming off. Some are grey and fluffy from his chest but some have color at the end. I’m...
  6. 1

    Feather plucking or molting

    Hi, so just 2 weeks ago I got 2 beautiful green cheeked conures who are both 4 months old (almost 5) over the last couple of days, I've noticed that both of them have started to loose a bit of fluff on their chest. This is my first time owning birds. They are scratching a lot, preening more than...
  7. W

    GCC Plucking or Molting?

    Hi there! I purchased my green cheeked conure about a month ago. Not sure the age, but pretty sure he's under a year old. He's definetly somewhere between 5 - 8 months. His name is Pico, and we spend all day together. He comes everywhere with me and wants to be with me all the time. Recently...
  8. sheeluhwhet

    Canary Molting Signs

    Hi guys! In your time as past or current canary parents, are there any telltale signs that you've noticed when your birds are about to molt? Apart from the clear signs like dropping feathers, do their feathers first become disheveled? Or floofy? I'm asking because I'm really hoping that Peeps...