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  1. J

    Two birds dead with no necropsy results as to why

    * posting for a friend * A friend of mine adopted two Green cheek conures in mid/late 2023, a 3 yr old and a 5 yr old. They lived in a birdroom with 14 other birds and were all caged separately. At the start of this year, they were both found dead at the same time with no prior symptoms of any...
  2. maounm

    Medical tests for a macaw

    Hi i have a 6 year old GW macaw. He is fine and healthy but his droppings are a bit off. Recently, avian medical tests became available in my country and i want to get his general health checked up. No have tests have been performed ever so i want to get them all done. can you please tell me...
  3. Summzz

    Mouth Gapping and Maybe Zoning Out?? Has anyone seen this before?

    Hi everyone. *NOTE: I have emailed my vet and waiting for a response* We were just training and having fun when my Conure, Claire, starting doing this weird action. It started about 5 seconds before I started recording. Her breathing still seemed fine during everything but I honestly thought...
  4. Emma O'Donnell

    Cockatiel's poop smells terrible

    Hi guys, I was hoping for some advice on what this may be. My cockatiel's poop has smelled absolutely foul for around 4 months now. I did take him to the vet around 2 months ago, I waited for so long because he wasn't showing any signs of illness, the smell was just too terrible for me to take...
  5. E

    Cockatiel is acting strange? What is this?

    She has been doing this act all day and we dont know why. Its worrying us.